Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Case of Zuki and Tim Tim

I did not share a video this week and though is not a video in the real sense, I thought I would share the song nonetheless. To the non-Trinis who read this blog, this is a duo called Zuki and Tim Tim. This is personal branding at its creative best. These guys went from real life to animated fame, with corporate sponsorship deals, notably the Holiday Snacks endorsement, which is how I personally was introduced to Zuki and Tim Tim. Everyone knew Zuki and Tim Tim from these ads and their endorsements of popular Carnival fetes over the past couple years. The personas these 2 dudes have created are funny, bordering on ridiculous, but likeable and popular.

They have parlayed their animated success to the soca industry and have come out with their first Soca Monarch/Road March contender, "Red Over". By way of the Zuki and Tim Tim marketing machine in previous years, though this is their first real song, they had a built in audience already excited to see what they had to offer and willing to support.

I would probably pass the real dudes straight in the street, but their animated selves are all the rage and the potential to really market themselves is high. I hope they are in the middle of producing a video to match our expectations, but in the meantime...


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