Friday, 26 February 2010

Pet Peeve Friday: The Limp Fish

First impressions are everything. How you present yourself to someone you're meeting for the very first time can often "make or break" a relationship. Your mode of dress, your facial expressions, body language etc. Yesterday I met someone for the first time, and I put my hand out in greeting, cause that's what we do in English speaking countries - we shake hands. What I got back was a "limp fish" otherwise known as the weak handshake.

I admit it. I confess. I am offended by a weak handshake. I am not talking about a weak grip or a weak wag cause not everyone wants to cut off circulation to my fingers. I am not asking you to go all bone crusher on my hand. I am talking about those people whose fingertips are screaming "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!"  and they lightly graze your hand as if you just made manure patties. The smile that went with the half dead handshake did not convince me that she was just shy. Now, I know some people are germophobes, but c'mon...seriously. If you're in business and you're meeting people and interacting then you probably need to walk with a bottle of hand sanitiser in your purse or in your glove compartment. It is a peeve of mine and since it is Peeve Friday, I thought I would just raise it. I found these observations on weak handshakes on Yahoo! Answers. Heavens. The first one was....interesting.

- He is probably a homosexual and that is their secret handshake to identify themselves. (THIS was voted the best answer. Heavens, people are ridiculous!)

 To me, a weak handshake shows lack of confidence or someone who just doesn't want to shake your hand. Either way, weak handshakes always stand out to me and say something about a person.

- Most likely he is not into handshakes, for whatever reason. Its just something he does, because he was taught. Sorta like "good morning" no one really means it, but they say it anyway.

- Methodist Church "limp fish" handshakes are interpreted as being given by somebody who is not sincere.

- The person could be tired, not interested in making your acquaintance, shy, having a slight disability, not sure whether to trust you or not, lacking self-confidence

I mean, I will not write someone off for a weak handshake. I just notice it, that's all. It may just be that person's thing but it's not my thing. Note: I wash my hands regularly and I do indeed have a bottle of hand sanitiser in my purse and antibacterial wipes in my glove compartment, so feel free to shake my hand!


Hunte, I am with you on this one. I think it speaks volumes on what that person's first impression is of me. And insincerity comes in there as well. I am actually quite suspicious of someone, esp an educated and reasonably intelligent person, who gives me a limp fish. Matts tired hear me about that.

I really take it personally. It's almost as though you are regarding me scornfully. I find it rather disrespectful.

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