Wednesday, 17 March 2010

High School Reunion, Part Deux

Though we have been dragging our feet a bit, a few friends and I are trying to get our high school class together after wow...years! Facebook was the catalyst because it was through Facebook that we got reconnected with each other. And it is also through Facebook that we are attempting for a second time to have a reunion before we hit 60!

The first time we just had a discussion board and that was it. Just a lot of back and forth via a disussion board. How exciting could that have been, right? This time, I am hoping that I could utilise the tools we have today to full effect to make people excited about it and get flights booked, tickets bought and diets started. lol.

I recorded a hurried podcast this morning for the ladies, but it would be nice to use social media for something other than work for a change and engage people and hopefully get them excited about something that should matter to them. Selling something that matters to you personally is always more fun, isn't it? And having something other than work to explore ideas on is also a great stress buster and sanity saver.

Looking forward to it! And I will let you know, if you want to know, how it goes. Ideas are always welcome though.


My high school class is using facebook as well for planning our reunion next year.
It seems like a great platform to do this. The main party planners created a group to keep it all in one place.

We have an FB group and I am hoping that more people would start posting photos and video etc and keep the momentum going as we countdown to the day.

Ok, so this weekend I will dig up some old pix and scan them in!! :P

great. I will see if I find any of mine too.

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