Monday, 17 May 2010

Law and Order: End of an Era

When the news broke that NBC was going to actually cancel Law & Order, there was a gasp heard around the world. Yes, when the show lost Jerry Orbach, and to a lesser extent Benjamin Bratt and Jesse L Martin, it was disappointing, but it rallied. The great thing about the show is that its appeal was in large part to the compelling storylines and cases. The fabulous actors who brought the varied and complex characters to life were icing on the cake. I admit that I often missed episodes because of fatigue or life, but that's why we love online re-runs.

The show has not been given the opportunity to hit a 21st season, to beat Gunsmoke, with which it is currently tied for longest running drama series. Oh gosh, NBC...are you that grudgeful? The show is one of the best, and most intelligent shows on tv, but thanks to the power of the advertising dollar, it has fallen victim to the cancellation knife.

But loyal fans have turned to social media to make a last ditch attempt to save the long running police/legal drama. I don't know if they can rally enough support to convince NBC to give the cast and crew one more year at least, but it's worth a shot. It's one time where I really am rooting more than ever for the power of social networks and the booming voices of online communities.

Join the L&O movement.

Yes. I  was one of those who gasped. It's just one of my fave shows ever!


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