Friday, 11 November 2011

Caribbean Digital Expo

My first post since I gave the blog a much needed overhaul! It's like Christmas over here!

So having just finished a year-long tour of duty as a postgrad student/expat in London, I am excited to be heading back to work soon. And I will be hitting the ground running. There are many exciting plans ahead and excited people make me excited as well. To sweeten the pot, I was silently hoping my boss and I shared the same vision and passion, and he would surprise me by signing us up for the Caribbean Digital Expo which would be on the second day of my new job. I came home and heard all the buzz around it and wondered how I would make it work.

Gold star to my boss! I will be there and I am excited that such a conference is finally taking place in Trinidad and Tobago. With speakers from amazing organisations such as Facebook and RIM/Blackberry, as well as case studies from local companies, it should be a fantastic day of networking, exchanging of ideas and experiences and brainstorming.

Here is my former boss, who will be one of the presenters, and who also was as excited about digital in our last roles, as my new boss. Like Danielle, I don't think any part of my life is un-social. Business has to not transform people, but it is clear that people and technology have also transformed the way we do business!

Thank God for progress! 


The blog looks good, Avi. You're right. It is like Christmas! lol. Hope you enjoy the workshop! It looks very interesting. Glad to have you back!

My first new blog comment! Thanks Stacey. I think the conference is long overdue and I am looking forward to it. Glad to be back as well.

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