Monday, 9 November 2009

Communication in transit

And as we talk communication, let's talk about basic transferral of basic information which somehow always goes unheeded.

Passengers seated in Rows 1-5 may now approach the gate for boarding.

This in my estimation, is a maximum of 30 persons, right? So why do over 80 people gang up on the poor gate attendant with boarding passes in hand? Do they think that by getting to the gate, the attendant will say, "Oh, you're in Row 28...poor you. Go ahead!" I encounter this no-obedience phenomenon every single time I travel. Will your seat vaporise if you don't get to it ASAP? Does someone else take your seat in 16F if somehow you don't get to it first? I can never truly understand what the fuss is to get on the plane first? Is there some sort of prize one gets for beating everyone to the finish?

I sit idly by while all these people stand foolishly at the gate, after the attendant shoos them to the side, and wait my turn. I have always found my seat in the place it's supposed to be and on the off chance I find someone in my seat, I kindly inform them that I usually choose that particular seat for a reason so kindly move.

I do have my limits.


lol Aviane this so true (Kurn)

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