Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spotlight on the Google Doodle

One of the best things in life is change, and even better, innovation. There is something exciting about  coming to the same place every day and having something new and fresh pop up, just to teach you something, or just to make you smile.

Isn't Google awesome? Their Google Doodles are simply brilliant. By re-configuring their masthead in simple yet fun ways, they keep millions of cyber residents coming back, just to find the answer, not to their random questions which they eventually type into the Google search engine, but to a more burning question - What's today's doodle?

"Having a little bit of fun with the corporate logo by redesigning it from time to time is unheard of at many companies but at Google, it is a part of the brand. While the doodle is primarily a fun way for the company to recognize events and notable people, it also illustrates the creative and innovative personality of the company itself." - Google

The Google user experience is enhanced and user participation is encouraged, with users encouraged to submit doodle proposals to Google. The zipper doodle came out yesterday, celebrating Gideon Sundback, the guy who invented the zipper. Quite a random promotion, I agree, and not a fact I would have been able to blurt out on cue. I bet if you ask anyone today who invented the zipper, more than a few people may be able to at least give you a first name.

Doodle 4 Google also allows students to submit their own Google Doodle - a competition they have been hosting since 2008 - and recognising that "this crop of students will be tomorrow's leaders and inventors".

Google is truly living up to its brand promise of being an innovator, being on trend and being fun. A lot of oodle around the doodle from Google...and users love it.

Check out past Doodles here.


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