Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Following the Commonwealth thread

I am impressed with the social media coverage of the CHOGM-related events thus far. True I have been at the Commonwealth Business Forum the past couple days so maybe have a greater interest than most, but I barely read a newspaper these days and it is unlikely that I would know what's happening in the world if I did not have access to the internet. The tweets and the Facebook updates are commendable and hopefully more of the Generation Y-ers and the internet aficionados will have a better understanding about some of the issues which will  be discussed. It opens the door somewhat, but of course there will always be unanswered questions where things like CHOGM, how it affects us as a society, the ROI on our hundreds of millions of dollars in investment to host the event etc etc etc.

But all I came to say is good job on the currency of the information and the socially appropriate delivery. You can follow CHOGM on Twitter @chogm2009 and they are also on Facebook, and of course their website,


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