Monday, 18 January 2010

Cyber chicken!

I often wonder how on earth we managed to live without the internet and all the sexy stuff that comes with it.

This weekend, I went to my neighbourhood Hi-Lo and as I stood in the meat section, I saw that there was no chicken. Aghast, I stalked the meat cutters in the back room until I saw them rolling out the trolley with chicken. To my horror though, there were only freshly packed and wrapped chicken breasts.

I am NOT a fan of the chicken breast. I have had many a bad experience trying to cook breasts and to get them all succulent and moist as they are in restaurants. I am a thigh girl, myself, cause thighs make this whole moist and succulent thing rather elementary, since thighs have fat and breasts have none. But I am also trying to eat healthily so I grabbed a pack of breasts and shoved it unwillingly into my basket.

I got home and there they were - the breasts - looking back at me mockingly, willing me to put them in the oven so they could get all tough and stringy and dry. But I was not willing to let my $25.99 go to waste either so I logged on to Facebook and posed the question on my FB status

(Me) wants to know how to get my chicken breast as tender and moist as the ones I order in restaurants. Somehow mine never comes out that way. Always dry and lethal and usually causes choking. I bought a pack of sexy boneless boobs and refuse to fail again!
Needless to say, I have some great friends and aspiring chefs in my life who all offered advice to aid my chicken breast mission. I also got a lovely email (thanks W.C) with fab-u-lous ideas for the breast and of course, nothing beats Google in times of dire straits, and I also learnt about brining said breasts.

I have decided that the internet, with its social media, search engines and the like, is one of the best ways to get feedback, ideas and all sorts of hoo-haas about everyday life that maybe 5 years ago, you would have been forced to painstakingly search around for, via relatives, television or dusty encyclopaedia. I have come to depend on it for everything and cannot remember life without it. Thinking...thinking..nope...can't remember. The internet has quite possibly saved the chicken breasts from a stringy death, my oven from a slew of curses, my jaw from overwork (trying to chew and masticate said stringy flesh) and my $25.99!

It is a great place to fuel what interests you and to find new interests. I have always loved cooking and still don't always have the time to do it but when I am caught, as I was this weekend, with the raw materials and not quite sure what to do with it, sites like, where I have a profile and a packed cyber recipe book, as well as linking with friends online, helps drive the need to create in the kitchen. And that is an awesome thing!

And though I decided on shrimp today, since I had some leftover from last week's Hi-Lo adventure, I will be sure to let you all know how good my breasts turn out - notice I said how "good" cause there is no other outcome this time around. But I have high hopes for the outcome and you can stay tuned for it right here.


Hey Avianne. I had the same kinda experience when I was trying to cook some kinda curry coconut chicken, though it didn't turn out good at all. I was surprised to find there were even demonstrations on youtube of people cooking and precisely what to do, which is very useful for people like me who can't follow a recipe.

Your musings are hilarious and thought provoking. I enjoy reading them. Keep it up.

- Archibald

YouTube is a lifesaver indeed for the lowly chef. I saw a couple videos on there and was tempted to document my own forays in the kitchen but I really doh have that kinda time or dedication. lol.

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