Friday, 12 February 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Valentine's Day

Now while I am no advocate of Valentine's Day, by any stretch of the imagination, I know there are millions of people who go nutso over it. I am a bit relieved that Carnival has taken centre stage this year here in Trinidad and Tobago, so the sappy love songs have been replaced by the music of the wining season. I did though, pass a roadside stall yesterday, resplendent in pinks, reds and hearts and balloons of various sizes. Though it may be a nonsensical day to those like myself, it is apparently the third largest season for retailgasms after Christmas and back-to-school, according to the US National Retail Federation. Go figure.

However, there are also those who choose to get technological with the love and PDAs, especially in the face of economic uncertainty, unemployment, personal budget cuts and so on. And though I support this, (cause really, is V-Day really that important) we can do love on the cheap, without being tacky.

The Bad, and the Ugly - While frugal, these are uninspiring, unless you're a rock!
  •  Those lame Facebook gifts. You know, the virtual cakes, virtual necklaces etc. Seriously, what does that do for me? Can I eat virtual chocolates? Sure they may be good for my waistline, but what's the point?
  • Valentine's Day texts. Over a phone call? That's not even close to being romantic. That's just being cheap and rather impersonal. Don't expect an answer.
  • V-Day tweets. Still, not feeling it. Your love is going to be lost in the tweets from the other 500,000 people I follow. That's pretty uncreative, friend.

The Good.
  • E-clues. Instead of just sending a text or an email with words you can copy and paste from an e-greeting, why don't you get a little more creative and send e-clues? Texts, or emails which point to something special, some special surprise? You can decide how far down the wallet you want to take the surprise - from a quirky love IOU or card, to dinner, or you in a red ribbon (gasp), but make the surprise fun and interactive. Ever thought of that? And you want impressive? Ask this dude, who created an app to propose to his girlfriend.
  • I also checked out DeBeers' new campaign and thought it was sincere and more interactive than just sending a box of Facebook chocolates I cannot eat. The campaign focuses on real people and their love stories, and even follows some of them as they live these love stories. Simple, no frills, but interesting. So why not make a cute video for your special girl or guy - something fun, unique and creative?
In any event, to those who support the day, have a good one. To the masqueraders, have a safe Carnival. To the rest of you, have a great weekend!


I must say that I would be into valentines if myy husband was but he is not and so as to not sufffer from heart ache every year that I dont recieve a present ( he does not believe in mothers day I am not his mother hehehehe nor my birthday although he remembered two years ago the date I was plesantly suprised) I have let it go.

I never embraced it but it's really annoying to open up my Facebook and see those little gifts in my notifications. I love love, but I don't love virtual chocolates. lol

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