Thursday, 9 February 2012

Has Branding Gone to the Dogs?

Boo and George Stephanopoulos

I am obsessed with Boo. Not just because he is cute as a button, but he is a perfect example of the amazing effects of viral marketing and how it can create buzz and online engagement. Boo is a dog, for crying out loud – but a dog with over 3 million followers on Facebook. He is a social media darling! He simply had a case of knotted hair, needed a buzz-cut and the photo of the result went viral. Now with excellent marketing and promotion, “Boo” has articulated his popularity into a coffee table book, a stuffed replica of himself, appearances on morning talk shows, and endorsements, as well as lent his fame to good causes such as Operation Smile. What’s next for our four legged pal? Movie? The Presidency? Who knows? But Boo is testament to what great content can do for one’s brand. He is the Kardashian of the canine universe! Just way cuter (and less annoying).

If a dog can do it, why can’t your brand?


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