Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Fierce Mimicry

Earlier I wrote an entry about The Big O aka Ms Oprah and her decision to end her talk show in 2011. Now the "big" news is that Tyra Banks will end her show as well. I read this with great derision because it seems as though Tyra Banks' entire career has been as Mini-Me to Oprah. She claims that Oprah was a huge inspiration to her and while there is nothing wrong with an individual being inspired, you cannot take inspiration and turn it into duplication. Tyra never seemed to find her own voice in the five annoying years the Tyra Banks Show was on. She was always playing catch up to a woman who needed no flattery because she had sealed her place in history years before.

So really, it was no great surprise that on the heels of the Big O's decision to end her successful talk show, Tyra suddenly felt like her five year old show had done its worst...sorry...best and she needed to focus on new projects. And oh look, she is focusing on film projects, just like Oprah has done already. Can someone please give Tyra Banks a hint?

I cannot say I am sorry to see the lady go. I could not understand how she won awards for this talk show that ultimately was ALWAYS about Tyra. In fact, everything usually revolves around her. She always make each moment come back to her and it this singular quality that set her way apart from Oprah.

Good luck to both of them. I know which one I am rooting for though.


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